Medical professionals may suffer herniated discs in their backs or necks from lifting heavy patients. This is hardly degenerative disc disease, though your workers' comp adjust may say it is. Let us guide you through the workers' compensation process while you get better.
The process for procuring veterans benefits can be complicated. If you have a disability that started or was aggravated by your military service, let us help you with your appeal.
Along with back injuries, shoulder injuries are the most commonly-seen injuries we see in our state-wide Georgia workers' compensation law practice. Let us assist you in choosing quality medical care and fighting for your disability benefits while you recover.
Repetitive motion injuries are common when workers use power tools that vibrate in their hands. We've helped hundreds of clients with repetitive motion injuries to their upper extremities. We're glad to help you.
Even if your service was years ago, if you were exposed to certain agents, the risks are tantamount to the war zone in which you served, you may be able to get veterans' benefits. Let us review your claim file with you and be your advocate.

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The only pain worse than getting injured--whether on the job, in a car wreck, or otherwise--is having an insurance company accuse you of lying and then deny your claim. Our attorneys help accident and injury victims get all the help the law provides, because we used to defend insurers and know how they work against you. Let us help you." -Michael Moebes, Founding Partner

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Our Georgia Clients
Moebes Law, LLC represents a variety of injured workers in the Atlanta area. If you have been hurt during a work accident, exposed to dangerous substances, injured performing work duties, or suffer from psychological trauma as a result of a work injury, our expert workers' comp lawyers could be able to help. We represent injured workers filing for the first time and individuals previously denied workers' comp benefits. Listed below are a few examples of the Georgia workers represented by Moebes Law, LLC.
- Medical staff suffering from herniated discs or lower limb injuries
- Construction workers with back or shoulder injuries
- Veterans wounded during duty or exposed to hazardous chemicals
- Bus drivers injured during a motor vehicle accident
- Truck drivers with catastrophic injuries from a collision
- Manufacturing workers with repetitive use injuries (carpal tunnel syndrome)
- Factory workers with slip and fall injuries
- Employees suffering from psychological injuries after a physical workplace injury
- Workers with spinal cord injuries

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Practice Areas
- Burns
- Lumbar hernias, thoracic hernias, and cervical hernias
- Knee and shoulder injuries
- Motor vehicle accidents
- Trucking accidents
- Loss of vision
- Loss of hearing
- Occupational injuries or illnesses
- Heart attacks
- Post traumatic stress disorder
- Psychiatric and psychological injuries
- Slip and fall accidents
- Head trauma
- Paralysis
- Muscle sprains and strains

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Case Results
Moebes Law helps injured workers find results. Here is a selection of our Atlanta, Georgia workers' compensation settlements from 2013.
- $410,000 for a neck injury after a car salesman's motor vehicle accident
- $300,000 +six months of open medical care for a severe knee injury
- $230,000 for a neck injury after a bus driver's motor vehicle accident
- $200,000 for a hip injury following a slip and fall accident
- $175,000 for a lower extremity injury / CRPS by a health care worker

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Injured at work ?
After a Georgia work place injury, it's important to follow company protocol for reporting an accident and keep copies of all documentation for yourself.

First, alert your supervisor of any workplace injury. Together you will fill out an accident report; make sure to keep a copy. If you are incapacitated or need immediate medical attention, fill out the accident report at your soonest convenience.

Next, ask to see a panel doctor. In your break room, or another common area, there should be a pink piece of paper with 6 doctors listed. It is important to use one of the 6 panel doctors if you are going to file a workers' comp claim. If your company doesn't have a posted list, you can go to a doctor of your choosing.

It is important to seek immediate medical attention for workplace injuries. Not only does it help with the workers' compensation process, it also helps injured employees get on the road to recovery. If you do not seek immediate medical attention for you injury, it is possible the insurance company will think that a claim is fraudulent.

Keep copies of all medicals bills, treatment plans, and a written set of work restrictions. Make sure your supervisor has a copy of all written work restrictions.

If your employer has workers' compensation insurance, contact the insurance adjuster to start a claim, or provide more information. Make sure to keep the contact information for any insurance adjuster assigned to your case. The Georgia State Board of Workers' Compensation can be contacted at (404) 656-3692 to identify your employer's insurance provider.

At anytime, feel free to contact Moebes Law, LLC for a free consultation on your Atlanta workers' comp claim. It's the smart thing to do.

Atlanta Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Moebes Law, LLC was created by Michael Moebes to help people suffering from work related injuries. Mr. Moebes spent 5 years working for insurance companies, learning their legal tactics, before starting his Atlanta, Georgia based workers' comp and personal injury firm. Now, he represents employees seeking workers' compensation after construction site accidents, trucking or bus accidents, and other on the job injuries in the metro Atlanta area. Mr. Moebes frequently gains recognition as a top Georgia workers' compensation lawyer from nationally renowned legal groups.

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