• Hurt in an Auto Accident, Do I need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

    Find out how Moebes Law can get you the compensation you deserve!  If you were hurt in an auto accident, you may be asking yourself: do I need a personal injury lawyer? The costs of an auto accident can quickly add up. From medical bills to property damage, not to mention the emotional trauma the event can cause, you may be unsure of how to move forward. Fortunately, Moebes Law […]

  • Moebes Law: Your Atlanta Construction Accident Attorney

    Find out how to get the workers’ compensation you deserve!  If you work in construction and were injured on the job, you may need representation from an Atlanta construction accident attorney.  At Moebes Law, we have the knowledge and experience you need to win your case. Despite all the safety regulations, accidents happen. Construction site accidents are especially common. This is why employers are required to have a form of […]

  • Get the Compensation You Deserve for Workplace Injuries

    Moebes Law is your workers’ compensation expert in Atlanta.  Although employers are required to ensure the safety of their employees, workplace injuries are all too common. However, employers are also required to carry a form of insurance known as workers’ compensation that is designed to cover the medical expenses an employee may incur after being injured on the job. There are many types of workplace injuries which are covered under […]

  • What is Workers’ Compensation?

    Find out how Moebes Law can get you the compensation you deserve.  If you were injured on the job, you are entitled to workers’ compensation. Under the law, it is your employer’s responsibility to ensure that your work environment is safe. Because accidents happen, any employer with three or more employees is required to carry a type of insurance called workers’ compensation. This guarantees that employees are covered in the […]

  • Do You Need the Best Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Georgia? Look to Moebes Law.

    Contact Moebes Law today so that you can get the compensation you deserve. There are some jobs out there that come with certain risks. However, if you have been injured at the workplace or on the job, there are certain rights and compensation that you are entitled to receive. When you need a worker’s compensation lawyer in Georgia, look to Moebes Law to get you the money that you deserve. […]

  • Moebes Law specializes in Workers’ Comp Law

    It can be very frightening when you experience serious injury while on the job. But, at Moebes Law, we want you to know that there is help available to you. We specialize in workers’ comp law, and we are committed to garnering the results that get you paid. Without proper representation, there are so many things that can go wrong with your case. Our legal experts will help guide you […]

  • Moebes Law, a Leader in Workers’ Compensation Laws in Georgia

    Call the experts in Georgia injury claims. It can be challenging in dealing with workers’ compensation laws in Georgia. Moebes Law, LLC acts on the behalf of injured workers, and can represent your legal interests. When you have been hurt on the job, we are here to help. Our experience with workers’ compensation laws in Georgia provides the assistance you need in this tough time. We are the experts in […]

  • We Specialize in Workman’s Compensation Laws

    Moebes Law, LLC has the experience required to handle your personal injury claim. Experience is crucial in dealing with the intricacies of workman’s compensation laws. You have the right to file a lawsuit if you have been denied a claim, and an attorney specializing in workplace injuries can maximize your benefits. Michael Moebes, Esq. has the unique background to best represent your interests. Before founding Moebes Law, LLC, Mr. Moebes […]

  • Find a Georgia Workers’ Compensation Lawyer today

    Accidents happen every day in the workplace. If you have been hurt at work, you may need a Georgia workers’ compensation lawyer. Michael Moebes, Esq. and the team at Moebes Law, LLC can help you get the benefits entitled to you by Georgia law. We represent a wide array of injuries including, but not limited to the following: Muscle strains and sprains Knee and shoulder injuries Loss of vision or […]

  • Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia

    Visit Moebes Law for assistance with your workers’ compensation claim! Any work environment has the potential for danger. What happens when you are injured on the job?  The first step is to find a good workers’ compensation lawyer in Atlanta. With so many other things to worry about after a workplace injury, compensation should not be one of them. Without a proper workers’ compensation lawyer in Atlanta, there are many […]