As the second most common workplace injury after slip and fall accidents, burns can leave injured workers with scars, disfigurement and painful tissue damage. After sustaining first, second, or third degree burns at work, injured employees may require expensive medical treatment, and even face lifetime disability. Moebes Law, LLC is here to help workers with burn injuries find compensation for their medical expenses and suffering.

Types of Workers’ Compensation Burn Injuries

Atlanta workers’ comp attorney Michael Moebes assists workers dealing with all types of job- related burn injuries. Listed below are three of the most common causes of workers compensation burn injuries:
• Heat Burns, which are usually caused by flames, fires, hot surfaces, boiling liquids, and steam.
• Chemical Burns, which are typically caused by exposure to caustic materials, acids, bases, solvents, corrosive substances, or laboratory solutions.
• Electrical Burns, which are caused by high voltage electricity, exposed electrical wires, damaged electrical elements, and industrial machinery malfunction.

Moebes Law, LLC helps injured chefs, electricians, roofers, engineers, janitors, and other workers find compensation and support after a workplace burn injury. Our expert legal team makes it easier to navigate the legal process and achieve positive results. Workers’ compensation lawyer Michael Moebes understands the intricacies of workers’ compensation law and has successfully defended burned workers against employers and insurance companies.

Find Burn Injury Compensation

Bring your burn injury case and workers’ compensation claim to Moebes Law, LLC. Our experienced legal team provides a free consultation to discuss the details of your case and explore possible results. We represent injured and burned workers throughout the state of Georgia. Contact our Atlanta, Georgia office at (404) 354-5432 to schedule an appointment with Michael Moebes, a leading Atlanta area workers’ compensation attorney.