Heart attacks are serious injuries that require significant medical attention. Heart attacks occur when a muscle in your heart dies, due to no longer receiving the oxygen it needs. Blood clots from plaque build-up or a spasm in your coronary artery are the main causes of heart attacks, and require immediate and expensive medical care. Stressful work environments can cause the onset of a heart attack, and workers’ compensation may be available. If you have suffered a heart attack in Atlanta, Georgia, that has affected your ability to work, Moebes Law, LLC can help.

Did I Suffer a Heart Attack from My Workplace?

Several factors of Georgia workplace conditions can trigger a heart attack. Stressful environments, overexertion, injuries, and heat can all lead to heart attacks in the workplace. After suffering a heart attack, it is important not to return to work too soon to avoid the risk of a heart attack reoccurring. If your heart attack was due to conditions at your job in Atlanta, Georgia, you may be entitled to workers compensation for your medical bills and loss of income during your recovery process. While some heart attacks show no signs when they occur, the most common symptoms include:

  • Discomfort, pressure, or pain around the chest
  • Discomfort throughout your back, arm, throat, or jaw
  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Shortness of breath/choking feeling
  • Anxiety
  • Sweating

Heart attacks are common in high-stress work environments or jobs that require shift work. If your job caused you to experience a heart attack resulting in financial loss or the inability to continue work, you may qualify for workers’ compensation. Atlanta Attorney Michael Moebes specializes in earning workers’ compensation for heart attack victims in a Georgia workplace.

Receive Workers’ Compensation for Work-Related Heart Attacks

Although employers and their insurance representatives often try to blame an employee’s health history and physical condition for workplace heart attacks, the experienced team at Moebes Law can still gain you the financial compensation you deserve. Attorney Michael Moebes has years of experience representing insurance companies and has now uses his knowledge and expertise to represent injured workers. By understanding insurance tactics, the legal team at Moebes Law, LLC knows how to win workers compensation battles for any heart attacks suffered due to workplace conditions. Call Moebes Law at their Atlanta, Georgia office at (404) 354-5432 for a free assessment of your claim.