Repetitive motions and overuse can damage the knee and shoulder joints, surrounding ligaments, or connective tissue. Often, knee and shoulder injuries can leave workers with permanent pain or disability. At Moebes Law, LLC, we help clients earn workers’ compensation for their job related knee and shoulder injuries.

Am I at Risk for a Work-Related Knee or Shoulder Injury?

Workers who frequently engage in manual labor, such as nurses, truck drivers, carpenters, and painters, are at a greater risk for debilitating knee and shoulder injuries. Listed below are some of the knee and shoulder injuries Moebes Law, LLC represents in workers’ compensation claims.

• Torn rotator cuff, shoulder
• Dislocation, shoulder
• Meniscus tears, knee
• Meniscus injuries, knee
• Ligament injuries, knee and shoulder
• Chondromalacia (cartilage injury), knee

If you have a dislocated, hyperextended, strained, or torn knee or shoulder joint, contact Atlanta workers’ comp attorney Michael Moebes to determine whether your injury arose out of your job and what doctors in your area can provide the best treatment.

Workers’ Compensation for Knee and Shoulder Injuries

After working for several years defending employers and insurance companies, workers’ comp lawyer Michael Moebes has the knowledge and expertise required to achieve positive results for injured workers and their families. With proper legal support, Georgia employees with knee and shoulder injuries can earn the compensation they deserve.

Find Compensation for Knee and Shoulder Injuries

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