Occupational hearing loss is one of the most prevalent injuries that people suffer from in the workplace. Hazardous exposure to noise can create permanent hearing loss that cannot be repaired by hearing aids or even surgery.

Noise-related hearing loss may qualify you for workers’ compensation benefits. If you have suffered from the loss of hearing at your workplace, attorney Michael Moebes can help you gain the benefits and compensation that you deserve.

Noise-Related Hearing Loss in the Workplace

The loss of hearing due to workplace conditions is not unusual in Georgia, especially in high-risk industries. Occupations such as construction workers, airport employees, farmers, factory workers, and musicians are all at high risk for noise-related hearing loss due to the overexposure to loud sounds.

The loss of hearing not only affects your daily life, but can also hinder communication with fellow employees. This inability to communicate can put you at risk for further workplace injuries. If your jobsite has not followed the OSHA’s safety guidelines for noise exposure and your occupational hearing loss affects your productivity or ability to work, Moebes Law, LLC can help you earn workers’ compensation in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

Is My Loss of Hearing due to Hazardous Noise in the Workplace?

If your loss of hearing due to noise exposure in the workplace is above the permissible limits set forth by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, you may be qualified for financial compensation. OSHA regulations have set the maximum volume for an 8 hour day at 90 dBA, but increasing the sound level to 115 dBA cuts the allowed exposure time to only 15 minutes.

Signs and symptoms of occupational hearing loss can include:

  • Ringing, roaring, or hissing sound in your ears
  • Temporary hearing loss after leaving your workplace
  • Difficulty hearing people over the telephone
  • Using a high volume when watching TV
  • Difficulty hearing women or children
  • Difficulty hearing over background noise

Workers’ Compensation for the Loss of Hearing

Recognized as a top Georgia workers’ compensation attorney, Michael Moebes specializes in helping Atlanta employees receive benefits for occupational hearing loss. In order to qualify for workers’ compensation for your loss of hearing, you must have at least a 10% decrease in hearing in both ears. If you think that you qualify for workers’ compensation for noise-related hearing loss, call the experienced legal team at Moebes Law, LLC at (404) 354-5432 for a free assessment of your claim.