The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has reported that 2,000 U.S. employees suffer a work related eye injury per day that requires medical attention. If you suffered an injury at your job site that has damaged your vision, Moebes Law, LLC can help. Attorney Michael Moebes helps injured employees gain compensation for expensive medical bills or the loss of income due to time off or the inability to perform tasks at work.

Did My Workplace Put Me at Risk for Vision Loss?

Employees of certain industries, such as construction, welding, faming, or any work involving tools or heavy machinery, are more likely to suffer from injuries that cause vision loss. There are many conditions employees face at work that can cause the loss of vision, including:

  • Objects or particles hitting your eye
  • Contact with dangerous chemicals, gases, or other harmful substances
  • Bright light exposure for extended periods of time
  • Continual eye strain from devices such as computers, cell phones, or tablets

Find Workers’ Compensation for a Loss of Vision

Vision loss can cause dramatic lifestyle changes and limit abilities that are often taken for granted. If you suffer from vision loss due to the conditions or environment of your workplace, attorney Michael Moebes and his experienced legal team specialize in gaining workers’ compensation for the visually impaired.

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