Some work environments can be particularly stressful, and experiencing a traumatic event or situation can lead to psychiatric or psychological injuries for any employee. If your environment at work has caused you a mental injury, you can earn workers’ compensation.

Did I Experience a Psychiatric or Psychological Injury at the Workplace?

Psychiatric and psychological injuries can occur after enduring a stressful or traumatic event that threatened harm to your wellbeing. If you suffered physical injury in a life-threatening situation at your workplace, you may also suffer from mental injury. Listed below are common symptoms that are often associated with psychiatric and psychological trauma.

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Being easily startled
  • Sudden onsets of anger
  • Difficulty maintaining focus/concentration
  • Feeling anxious around similar stressful situations
  • Irritability

If a traumatic situation occurred at your workplace, Moebes Law can help you receive the necessary benefits through workers’ compensation. Psychiatric and psychological injuries require extensive care from medical professionals. Stress and depression can greatly affect an employee’s quality of work, and may result in a loss or reduction of income.

Earn Workers’ Compensation for Psychiatric and Psychological Injuries

As one of the top workers’ compensation attorneys in Atlanta, Georgia, Michael Moebes can help you recover financial losses caused by a mental injury. If you have difficulty coping with being in the same work setting where you endured a traumatic experience, call Moebes Law, LLC at (404) 354-5432 for a free assessment about your claim for Georgia workers’ compensation.