Work-related slip and fall accidents are very common in Georgia. Slipping and falling in the workplace can cause injuries that limit your mobility and require time off from work. Even minor injuries can worsen if they are left untreated. Workers’ compensation can be granted for many injuries caused by a workplace fall. Michael Moebes, a top Georgia workers’ compensation lawyer, is here to help injured workers after a slip and fall accident.

Did You Slip and Fall at the Workplace?

Slipping and falling at the workplace can be very common in certain environments. Nurses, teachers, factory workers, and janitors are all affected. Employees are more likely to obtain a slipping injury in workplaces with:

• Wet floors
• Uneven carpet or tile
• Misused hazard signs
• Limited lighting
• Escalators

Injuries obtained from a workplace fall can range from minor scratches and bruises to broken bones requiring surgery. If you suffered from a slip and fall accident, workers’ compensation may be available.

No matter how severe, Moebes Law, LLC can help you find workers’ compensation for slipping and falling on the job. Workplace accidents can cause serious pain and disability if left untreated. Your work-related injury should not prevent you from earning your paycheck or decrease your income from hospital bills. Attorney Michael Moebes has experience dealing with the legal tactics of insurance companies and specializes in securing workers’ compensation for workplace-related injuries. With Michael Moebes and his experienced legal team, you can receive workers’ compensation for your slip and fall accident in the Atlanta area. Accidents happen, and Moebes Law, LLC has years of experience finding solutions for injured workers.

Find Compensation for Slip and Fall Accidents

Moebes Law, LLC helps injured employees find workers’ compensation for any slip and fall accidents in the workplace. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, we offer free consultations to any individual who may be suffering from a job-related slip and fall injury. Whether you are seeking workers’ compensation for medical bills, or for the loss of your regular paycheck, call attorney Michael Moebes. Schedule an appointment at our Atlanta, Georgia office at (404) 354-5432 to further discuss your options for a workers’ compensation claim.